WIRED - "Ingenious Zoomable Paper Map"

CORE77 - "Fantastic design for a low-tech zoomable paper map. Map2, "The zoomable map on paper", uses nothing but folding and carefully-considered printing to achieve its killer app."

FASTCOMPANY - "Who needs smartphone apps when you've got a lot of ingenuity and some paper? ... Amazing interaction design needn't be complex. I doesn't even need to be high-tech. And in retrospect, it's probably stunningly obvious - Which is the mark of any great design."

COOLTHINGS - "Map2 Makes The Paper Map Zoomable - Map2 is looking to cut into our over-reliance on electronic maps a little by adding at least one level of zoom to the classic paper map. ...With its zoomable mechanism, it's quite possibly the coolest map I've ever seen."

BOINGBOING - "Map2 is a clever London streetmap: each of its quadrants unfolds to show a zoomed-in view of that region, then refolds again quickly and easily."

GIZMODO - "This Map Zooms In As You Unfold It - The Map2, a "zoomable map on paper", is a clever invention that packs more detailed maps underneath its folds."

UBERGIZMO - "Zoom Into Paper Maps The Old Fashioned Way - We're all so used to multi-touch zooming nowadays, it really does make you feel intrigued when you can get hold of a traditional paper map that you can zoom in."

NERDAPPROVED - "Map2: The World's Most High Tech Paper Map - I think my days of paper maps are gone forever, but if I had to use one, the Map2 would be my first choice. ..."

GRINDIST - "Unfold to zoom: This small, paper map of London is a design marvel, with a zoom-in capability that feels decidedly new school."